Privacy Policy

Profile Research has established standards and protocols to protect your private, personal information. All information is collected, maintained, and used in compliance with federal and state laws concerning background screening and privacy. Information collected is not shared or released for display on our website nor any other internet site. Profile Research does not allow public access to our files and information gathered.

Purpose, Method and Scope of Information Collection

    • Profile Research collects personal information for numerous reasons including background checks, pre-employment checks, and to find basic information for our clients such as names, addresses, and previous work history.
    • Information is collected using informational databases, employment applications, court records, and other public sources.
    • Information collected may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, date of births and deaths, credit information, academic and employment history, driving records, and public records.
    • Profile Research utilizes the most reliable informational sources available and takes special measures to ensure information collected is accurate and current.
    • Profile Research does not sell personal information collected to third parties, unless required by law or if the information is being subpoenaed.
    • We collect information from sources in all 50 states Information can be stored for up to, but no longer than, five years.

    Organizational Accountability

    • Profile Research conducts training and extensive background checks on employees to allow them access to client’s personal information.
    • Before pre-employment checks can be done, that person must sign a consent form giving us permission to check their previous history. If a person does not wish to have a Profile Research obtain their background information they may choose to not sign the Disclosure & Acknowledgement and Release & Authorization documents.

    Clients and Vendors

    • Profile Research conducts background checks for clients with valid, acceptable purpose and maintains a formal process to identify prospective clients.
    • In order to gather information required for backgrounds checks, Profile Research may contract different vendors to assist through a formal process requiring these vendors to maintain the same level of protection as Profile Research when collecting and sharing with us personal, private information.

    Information Security

    • Profile Research uses physical and cyber security measures to protect personal information.
    • All sensitive data remains confidential with Profile Research and contracted vendors in accordance with state and federal laws and will be collected, used, and transferred only as reasonably necessary.
    • Information, after being stored for 5 years or less, is destroyed and disposed of by following federal regulations and protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

    Dispute Resolution

    • Profile Research will respond promptly to any claims of inaccurate information that has been gathered by reinvestigation and following state and federal protocols to address the issue.
    • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our privacy policy please contact us.